Portiere di notte, Il

and the other 100 reported
by the Allies' War Crimes Commission.

Another organization
extremely dangerous for us...

is the War Documentation Center
here in Vienna.

They have files on the S.S. leaders,
I'll see to it that I get
my hands on that file too.

In the meantime, I want you to take
a look at the evidence against Max.

This constitutes documentation
which could be damaging.

This is all due to Max,
on his orders.

He himself transmitted
the orders for execution.

As always, we must find out if all this
is already known to our enemies...

or if I have managed to get
into the archives before them.

And Max can remain in the shadow,
which is what he wants.
We have decided to delve together to the
very bottom of our personal histories.

We have decided to confront them,
speaking without reserve,

without fear.
Remember. We must try to understand
if we are victims of guilt complexes.

If so, we must be
freed of them.

A guilt complex is a disturbance
of the psyche, a neurosis.

Let's not delude ourselves.
Memory is not made of shadows,

but of eyes which can stare straight
at you and fingers which point at you.

Information on existing witnesses
we have from Mario the cook.

We all know him. In particular, Kurt.
He was very useful.

I wanted him here tonight and sent word
to him. Instead, he disappeared.

- Any of you know anything?
- What do you want witnesses for?

Hans, you know all about my life.
Why rake everything up again?

That's my profession. You accepted
to take part in this group analysis.