Portiere di notte, Il

I know, I know. Somebody speaks
and the others listen.

But in the end, something
happens within one's self.

Something does.
First we were all afraid. Now we're not.

And something else happens, Max.
I play the devil's advocate
in all this, and to do so I...

seek and I find
dangerous documentary evidence,

which I'll give to our colleague
so he can make a nice bonfire.

I also have a nice list
of witnesses I keep an eye on.

And I keep a most
particular eye on them...

because they're not as manageable
as a pile of papers.

Max, you must
have faith in Klaus.

Remember when we had
my trial here?

I felt as awful
as you feel now.

It did me good to speak,
to confess, to defend myself.

It did me good to clash with Klaus
when he accused me pitilessly.

When it was over, however,

I felt a great relief.
Perhaps, also, because Klaus
burned some 30 documents concerning you.

Just as he burned yours, Kurt.
Naturally. And now there's no trace of
us in any military archive. Right?

It will be the same
for you, Max.

Klaus, perhaps there are
no living witnesses.

But if there are,
can't we leave them in peace?

Let them forget?
Even if it says 1,000 persons
on paper, 10,000,

it still makes less impression
than one witness in flesh and blood.

That is why they are
so dangerous, Max.

My task is to seek them out,
wherever they are,

and to see that they
are filed away.