The Godfather: Part II

You killed my husband because
he wouldn't give in to you.

And his oldest son Paolo...
...because he swore revenge.
But Vito is only nine.
And dumb-witted.

He never speaks.
It's not his words I'm afraid of.
He's weak. He couldn't hurt anyone.
But when he grows, he'll grow strong.
Don't worry. This little boy
can't do a thing to you.

When he's a man, he'll
come for revenge.

I beg you, Don Ciccio,
spare my only son.

He's all I have left.
I swear to God he'll never do
you any harm. Spare him!

Run, Vito!
Move and I'll kill him!
Run, Vito!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Any family who hides the boy
Vito Andolini will regret it!

You understand?
Anybody who hides the boy
Vito Andolini is in for trouble!