The Godfather: Part II

Fredo! Fredo, you son-of-a-bitch,
you look great!

Frank Pentangeli! I thought you was
never coming out west, you big bum!

I've got to check on my boys.
- What's with the food here?
- What's the matter?

A kid gives me a Ritz cracker
with chopped liver and says "canapes".

I said, "Can of peas, my ass. That's
a Ritz cracker and chopped liver!"

Bring out the peppers and sardines!
Seeing you reminds me of New York
in the old days!

You remember Willi Cicci, who was
with old man Clemenza in Brooklyn?

We were all upset about that.
Heart attack, huh?

No, that was no heart attack.
That's what I'm here to see
your brother Mike about.

- But what's with him?
- What do you mean?

Do I have to get a letter of introduction
to get a sit-down?

- You can't get in to see Mike?
- He's got me waiting in a lobby!

- Johnny Ola.
- Al Neri.