The Godfather: Part II

- Do you know my lawyer Tom Hagen?
- I remember Tom from the old days.

- What's this?
- It's an orange from Miami.

Take care of Johnny's men. They look
like they might be hungry. Johnny?

Tom won't stay. He only handles
specific areas of the business.

Sure, Mike.
- What are you drinking, Johnny?
- Anisette.

- If you need anything, I'll be outside.
- Just tell Rocco we're waiting, Tom.

- I just left Mr. Roth in Miami.
- How is his health?

It's not good.
Is there anything I can do?
We appreciate your concen Michael
and your respect.

That casino...
Registered owners: Jacob Lawrence,
Allan Barclay. Beverly Hills attorneys.

The real owners are the old Lakeville
Road group and our friend in Miami.

Klingman runs it and owns a piece of
it too, but I've been instructed to tell you

that if you move him out,
our friend in Miami will go along.

It's very kind of him.
Tell him it's greatly appreciated.

Hyman Roth always makes money
for his partners.

One by one, our old friends are gone.
Death - natural or not,
prison, deported...
Only Hyman Roth is left, because he
always made money for his partners.