The Godfather: Part II

- It would be true if my father were alive.
- Connie.

Merle, you've met my sister-in-law

- Fredo's wife.
- My pleasure.

With all respect, I didn't
come here to eat dinner!

I know, I know.
- I just want to dance!
- You're falling all over the floor.

You're just jealous
because he's a real man!

- I'm going to belt you right in the teeth.
- You couldn't belt your mama!

These Dagos are crazy
when it comes to their wives.

Michael says that if you can't
take care of this, I have to.

- I think you'd better.
- Never marry a Wop.

They treat their wives like shit!
I didn't mean to say Wop. Don't!

What are you doing to me,
you big slob? Help!

- I can't control her, Mikey.
- You're my brother, don't apologise.

Clemenza promised the Rosato
brothers three territories after he died.

- You took over and didn't give it to them.
- I welched.

Clemenza promised them lu cazzo,
He promised them nothing.

- He hated them more than I do.
- Frankie, they feel cheated.