The Godfather: Part II

You're sitting up in the Sierra
Mountains and you're drinking...

- What's he drinking?
- Champagne.

...Champagne cocktails, and passing
judgement on how I run my family.

Your family's still called Corleone.
And you'll run it like a Corleone.
My family doesn't eat here,
doesn't eat in Las Vegas...

...and doesn't eat in Miami...
...with Hyman Roth!
You're a good old man, and I like you.
You were loyal to my father for years.
The Rosato brothers
are taking hostages.

They spit right in my face, all because
they're backed up by that Jew in Miami.

I know. That's why I don't want
them touched.

- Not touched?
- No, I want you to be fair with them.

You want me to be fair with them?
How can you be fair to animals?

Tom, listen. They recruit spics,
they recruit niggers.

They do violence in their grandmothers'

And everything with them is whores!
And junk, dope!

And they leave the gambling to last.
I want to run my family without you on
my back. I want those Rosatos dead!

- No.
- Morte,

I have business that's important with
Hyman Roth. I don't want it disturbed.

Then you give your loyalty to a Jew
before your own blood.

You know my father did business
with Hyman Roth. He respected him.