The Godfather: Part II

You're going to take over.
You're going to be the Don.
If what I think has happened, has
happened, I'm leaving here tonight.

I give you complete power. Over Fredo
and his men. Rocco, Neri, everyone.

I'm trusting you with the lives of my wife
and my children, the future of this family.

- If we catch them, will we find out...?
- We won't catch them.

Unless I'm very wrong,
they're dead already.

They were killed by somebody
close to us.

Inside. Very, very frightened
that they botched it.

You don't think that Rocco and Neri
had something to do with this?

See... All our people are businessmen.
Their loyalty is based on that.
One thing I learned from Pop...
...was to try to think
as people around you think.

On that basis, anything is possible.
Mike, they're dead!
Right outside my window!

I want to get out of here.
They're lying there dead!

Over here! There's two of them.
Looks like they were hired out of
New York. I don't recognise them.

Won't get anything out of them now.
Fish them out.