The Godfather: Part II

I wish you would have let me know
you were coming.

- I could have prepared something.
- I didn't want you to know.

- You heard what happened?
- I almost died. We were so relieved...

In my home!
In my bedroom where my wife sleeps!
Where my children come to play.
In my home.
I want you to help me take my revenge.
Michael, anything. What can I do?
Settle these troubles
with the Rosato brothers.

I don't understand. I don't...
I don't have your brain for big deals.
But this is a street thing.

That Hyman Roth in Miami.
He's backing up those sons-of-bitches.

- I know he is.
- So why ask me to lay down to them?

It was Hyman Roth
that tried to have me killed.

I know it was him.
Jesus Christ, Mike.
Jesus Christ, let's get them all.
Now while we've got the muscle.

This used to be my father's old study.
It's changed.