The Godfather: Part II

Most respected gentlemen.
Welcome to Havana.
I want to thank this distinguished group
of American industrialists...

...for continuing to work with Cuba...
...for the greatest period of prosperity...
:12:45 her entire history.
Mr. William Shaw...
the General Fruit Company.

Messrs Corngold and Dant...
...of United Telephone
and Telegraph Company.

Mr. Petty...
...regional Vice President of
the Pan American Mining Corporation.

Mr. Robert Allen
of South American Sugar.

Mr. Michael Corleone of Nevada...
...representing our associates
in tourism and leisure activities.

And my old friend and associate
from Florida...

...Mr. Hyman Roth.
I would like to thank United Telephone
and Telegraph for their Christmas gift.

A solid gold telephone.
Perhaps you gentlemen
would like to look at it.

- Mr. President?
- Yes?

Could you discuss the rebel activity and
what this can mean to our businesses?

- Of course.
- Heavy stuff.

I assure you that, although the rebels
have started a campaign in Las Villas...