The Godfather: Part II

But, all of you will share.
The Nacionale will go
to the Lakeville Road Boys,

the Capri to the Corleone family,
the Sevilla Biltmore also,
but Eddie Levine will bring in the Pennino
brothers, Dino and Eddie, for a piece

and to handle the casino operations.
We've saved a piece
for some friends in Nevada

to make sure that things go smoothly
back home.

I want all of you to enjoy your cake.
So, enjoy!

- Happy birthday!
- L'chaim!

I saw an interesting thing happen today.
A rebel was being arrested
by the military police.

Rather than be taken alive, he exploded
a grenade he had in his jacket.

He killed himself and took a captain
of the command with him.

- Those rebels are lunatics.
- Maybe so.

But it occurred to me, that the soldiers
are paid to fight, the rebels aren't.

- What does that tell you?
- They can win.

This country has had rebels
for 50 years. It's in their blood.

I know, I've been coming here
since the Twenties.

We were running molasses
from Havana when you were a baby.

The trucks were owned by your father.
I'd rather we talked about this
when we're alone.

The two million never got to the island.
It mustn't be known
that you held back the money,

because you worried about the rebels.