The Godfather: Part II

Sit down, Michael. Sit down.
If I could only live to see it,
to be there with you.

What I wouldn't give for 20 more years.
Here we are, protected. Free to make
our profits without Kefauver,

the goddamn Justice Department
and the FBI .

90 miles away, in partnership
with a friendly government.

90 miles. It's nothing.
Just one small step for a man looking
to be President of the United States

and having the cash
to make it possible.

...we're bigger than U.S. Steel.
Mikey, how are you? Okay?
- Hi! Freddie Corleone.
- Mio frati,

Jesus Christ, what a trip!
I thought, "What if somebody knows
what I've got in here".

Can you imagine that? Two million
dollars on the seat next to me.

- Excuse me.
- It's okay.

You want to count it?