The Godfather: Part II

Have kids. Have a family.
For once in my life, be more like...
It's not easy to be a son, Fredo.
It's not easy.

Mama used to say,
"You don't belong to me."

"You were left on the doorstep
by gypsies."

Sometimes I think it's true.
You're no gypsy, Fredo.
Mikey... I was mad at you.
Why didn't we spend time
like this before?

- You want a drink, right?
- Waiter!

Por favorÂ…
- How do you say Banana Daquiri?
- Banana Daquiri.

- That's it?
- That's it.

Uno Banana Daquiri...
...and a club soda.
Senator Geary flies in from Washington
tomorrow with some government people.

I want you to show them
a good time in Havana.

- That's my speciality, right?
- Can I trust you with something?

Of course, Mike.
Later in the evening we're all invited to
the President to bring in the New Year.

After it's over they'll take me home
in a military car - alone.

For my protection.
Before I reach my hotel,
I'll be assassinated.