The Godfather: Part II

Poor little Fredo, he's got pneumonia.
Young man, I hear you and
your friends are stealing goods.

But you don't even send a
dress to my house. No respect!

You know I've got three daughters.
This is my neighborhood.
You and your friends should
show me some respect.

You should let me wet
my beak a little.

I hear you and your friends
cleared $600 each.

Give me $200 each, for your own
protection. And I'll forget the insult.

You young punks have to learn
to respect a man like me!

Otherwise the cops will
come to your house.

And your family will be ruined.
Of course if I'm wrong about how much
you stole - I'll take a little less.

And by less, I only mean -
a hundred bucks less.

Now don't refuse me.
Understand, paesano?