The Godfather: Part II

I understand.
My friends and I share all the money.
So first, I have to talk to them.

Tell your friends I don't want a lot.
Just enough to wet my beak.

Don't be afraid to tell them!
600 bucks...
Suppose we don't pay?
You know his gang, Tessio.
Real animals.

Maranzalla himself let Fanucci
work this neighborhood.

He's got connections with the cops, too.
We have to pay him.

$200 each...everybody agreed?
Why do we have to pay him?
Vito, leave this to us.
He's one person, we're three.
He's got guns, we've got guns.
Why should we give him the
money we sweated for?

This is his neighborhood!
I know two bookies who don't give
anything to Fanucci.

They don't pay Fanucci.
If they don't pay Fanucci, then
somebody else collects for Maranzalla!

We'll all be better off if we
pay him. Don't worry.

Now what I say stays in this room.
If you both like, why not give me
$50 each to pay Fanucci?