The Godfather: Part II

It's my pleasure.
I don't want money.

Take it as a gift.
If there's something I can do for you,
you come, we talk.

Signora Colombo, why did you
come to see me?

Your wife told me to ask
if you could help me.

She's in bad trouble.
Her neighbors complained to the
landlord about her dog.

He told her to get rid of the animal.
But her little boy loves that dog.
So she hid it.

When the landlord found out, he
got mad and told her to leave.

Now she can't stay even if she
gets rid of it.

I'm so ashamed!
He said he'd get the police to
throw us out on the street.

I'm sorry, but...
I could give you a couple dollars
to help you move.

I can't move!
I want you to talk to him!
Tell him I want to stay here!
What's your landlord's name?
His name is Signor Roberto.
He lives on Fourth Street, near here.
They break the windows,
they dirty the floors...