The Godfather: Part II

Are you Sicilian?
No, I'm Calabrese.
We're practically paesani,
do me this favor.

I already rented it!
I'll look like an idiot.

Besides, the new tenants
pay more rent.

How much more a month?
Five bucks.
Here's six months increase in advance.
But don't tell her about it.
She's very proud.

Come see me in another six months.
Of course, the dog stays. Right?
The dog stays.
Who the hell are you
to come give me orders?

Watch out or I'll kick your Sicilian ass
right into the street!

Do me this favor.
I won't forget it.
Ask your friends in the
neighborhood about me.

They'll tell you I know how
to return a favor.

What a character!
That landlord is here... Roberto,
the one who owns those ratholes.

He's been asking all around
the neighborhood about you.

I hope I'm not disturbing you,
Don Vito.

What can I do for you, Don Roberto?
What a misunderstanding! Holy Mary!