The Godfather: Part II

You sound like my bookie.
I owe that monkey my life.

- Well, just get a good night's sleep.
- Yeah.

You've got a big day tomorrow.
I've got you a new suit,
new shirt, new tie.

I'll shave you myself in the morning.
You'll look respectable for 50 million
of your fellow Americans.

Tomorrow... My life won't be worth
a nickel after tomorrow.

Come on! I saw this 19 times.
You've got a great home here,
for the rest of your life.

Nobody gets near you,
you're not going anywhere.

That's great. Beautiful.
Some deal I made.

You'll live like a king. You'll be a hero.
You'll live better here
than most people outside.

Some deal!
Alive. Pentangeli is alive.
- How did they get their hands on him?
- Roth. He engineered it, Michael.

When Frankie went to make a deal with
the Rosato brothers they tried to kill him.

He thought you double-crossed him.
Our people with the detectives
said he was half dead, scared,

and shouted that you'd turned on him.
They already had him on possession,
bookmaking, murder one and more.

The FBI has him airtight. He's on
an army base, 24 hour guards.

We can't get to him. You've opened
yourself to five counts of perjury.

What about Fredo?
What does he know?

He says he doesn't know anything,
and I believe him.

Roth, he... played this one beautifully.