The Godfather: Part II

- State your name, please.
- Frank Pentangeli.

- Where were you born?
- Pontenegro, it's outside of Palermo.

Where do you live now?
I live in an army barracks
with the FBI guys.

We have here a witness
that will further testify

to Michael Corleone's rule of a criminal
empire that controls all gambling.

This witness has had no buffer between
himself and Michael Corleone.

He can corroborate enough charges
for us to recommend a charge
of perjury against Michael Corleone.

- Senator.
- Thank you, Chairman.

Mr. Pentangeli...
Mr. Pentangeli. Were you a member
of the Corleone family?

Did you serve under Caporegime,
Peter Clemenza,

and under Vito Corleone,
also known as the Godfather?

I never knew any Godfather.
I have my own family.
Mr. Pentangeli, you...
You are contradicting
your own sworn statement.

I ask you again, sir, here and now
under oath,

were you at any time a member of a crime
organisation led by Michael Corleone?

I don't know nothing about that!
I was in the olive oil business
with his father,

but that was a long time ago.
We have a sworn affidavit.
Your sworn affidavit, that you murdered
on the orders of Michael Corleone.