The Godfather: Part II

I'll make it up to you, Kay.
I swear I'll make it up to you. I'll...
I'm going to change.
I'll change. I've learned that I have
the strength to change.

Then you'll forget about
this miscarriage...

...and we'll have another child.
And we'll go on, you and I.

- We'll go on.
- Oh, Michael!

Michael, you are blind.
It wasn't a miscarriage.
It was an abortion.
An abortion, Michael.
Just like our marriage is an abortion.

Something that's unholy and evil!
I didn't want your son, Michael!
I wouldn't bring another one
of your sons into this world!

It was an abortion, Michael.
It was a son - and I had it killed
because this must all end!

I know now that it's over. I knew it then.
There would be no way, Michael,
no way you could ever forgive me.

Not with this Sicilian thing
that's been going on for 2,000...

- You won't take my children.
- I will.

- You won't take my children!
- They're my children too.