The Godfather: Part II

Tom, sit down.
Our friend and business partner,
Hyman Roth, is in the news.

- Did you hear about it?
- I hear that he's in Israel.

The High Court in Israel
turned down his request to live there.

His passport's been invalidated,
except to return here.

He landed in Buenos Aires yesterday.
He offered them a million dollars
if they'd let him live there.

- They turned him down.
- He's going to try Panama.

Panama won't take him.
Not for a million, not for ten million.

His condition is reported as terminal.
He's only got six months left.

He's had the same heart attack
for 20 years.

- That plane goes to Miami.
- That's right. That's where I want it met.

Impossible. They'll turn him over to the
Internal Revenue, Customs and FBI.