The Godfather: Part II

Do you believe that? It's true.
That's the secret.

- Do you want to try it out on the lake?
- Okay.

What else have you got?
Everything will be okay.
- Did my brother go back?
- Yeah, don't worry.

He's ten times tougher than me,
my brother. He's old-fashioned.

He didn't want dinner,
just wanted to go home.

That's my brother! Nothing could get
him away from that two-mule town.

He could have been big here.
He could have had his own family.

...what do I do now?
You were always interested
in politics and history.

I remember you talking about Hitler
back in '33.

Yeah, I still read a lot.
I get good stuff in there.

You were around the old-timers, who
built the organisation of the families,

basing them on the old Roman legions,
with "regimes", "capos" and "soldiers".

- And it worked.
- Yeah, it worked.

Those were the great old days,
you know.