Toute une vie

Think I'll ever find
another man?

Yes. People always forget.
Why didn't you ever find
another woman in 15 years?

I did find her.
It's you.

The Commies did it.
She was the wife
of a great man.

Now she's the widow
of a god.

And you only meet God once.
Whatever you say,
I admire the guy who shot him.

Big deal, in Texas,
every guy owns a rifle.

At least he died at the top.
No disenchantment now.
"Better to live
10 years as a lion

than 35 years as a sheep."
- Did you make that up?
- Mussolini did.

Too bad.
For $10000,
I'd knock off De Gaulle.

I bet the guy
in Texas got more.

$10000 is fine.
...destination of Amsterdam,
and the flight for Helsinki...
I'm bored, Daddy.
When are we going back home?

This trip didn't
teach you anything?

Yes! That I love Gilbert.
Can't you think
about some other man?

I'm not going to find
another man amongst elephants.