Toute une vie

It's not America...
it's blackmail.

Men have become hostages.
Man has become
the hostage of man.

That's the subject
of our next film.

We can't do a movie
about the 20th century

without making a movie
about blackmail.

100 years ago, we killed one another.
Now we intimidate each other.

We're torturing each other,
which is worse.

That's the starting point.
It's gonna be boring as hell.
- Relax, it'll have music.
- Lots of music.

Lots of music!
Why not make pornos
using stars?

It's legal and you have talent.
Why bother with political films?

So they can call you
an opportunist?

Got the 1914 footage?
So you're returning to Israel.
With a ticket to New York?

New York is the real capital
of Israel, nowadays.

- Shall I go with you?
- No... I'm leaving you.

What have I done to you?
You never did anything.

You know I love you.
Whenever a man loved me,
I left him.

Whenever I loved a man,
he left me.

You see,
it's not that simple.

I don't understand.
We've never argued in four years.

Maybe we should have.
Love is passion, violence... not just
some hospital-like peacefulness.

Peace is what you wanted
when we met, remember?

That's what I needed.
You cured me, thank you.

- You're so ungrateful!
- So I am,

and a bitch and a whore.
I've got all the flaws in the world!

That's what men like.
Damn it, my passport.

You'll never know
what a man is.

A man is the opposite of kindness.
It's selfishness and lies...
someone who goes all the way
and is full of contradictions,

who creates instead
of relying on others.

He'd slap me
when I'd decide to leave,

and he'd call me a bitch!
That's a man.

- But your mind's made up.
- There you are!

A man would have
decided for me.

My passport.