A Boy and His Dog

[screams, gun shots, men shouting] Yeah, yeah.
[boys voice] Hey, see her jerk when I cut her?
Dog: Hold, one more.
Dog: You're still constantly overreacting.
Dog: I've absolutely no idea
how I managed to keep you alive so long.
Dog: And I wouldn't bother going down in there
unless your taste has changed radically
Dog: They left an ugly mess.
Dog: I said, they left a mess!
I heard you.
Dog: The poor swine
all my directives go completely unregarded.
Dog: Sometimes youÂ’re just as ignorant as any other common rover.
Dog: One indication of a female alone
Dog: and leave caution to the wind, and the eyes glaze
Dog: glands swell and the brain freezes.
I can't see a thing in there....smell it!
Dog: I thought you were doing all
the scouting today, Vic. [sarcastic tone]
Damn it Blood, don't give me a hard time, smell it!
Dog: It's clean.
[sound of woman dying]