A Boy and His Dog

Ha ha, I don't know.
Well, anyway...
We'll get a nice little place...
and, we'll spend a lot of time together alone...
and do whatever we feel like doing.
and when Blood comes to visit he can have his own room.
What are you talking about?
Well, I don't exactly think he's going to fit in Down Under.
No way!
No, that's what I said.
No, I mean, no way I'm going down there.
I'm going to be there.
No, you're not.
We'll make it up here, the 3 of us.
Vic, now I live there.
If you love me...
I don't care.
Dog: Come out here right now.
Dog: Vic, we need to talk.
[groan of protest]
What the hell's lumbering you.
Dog: Your headlong plunge into stupidity.
Dog: Last night was inexcusable.
Dog: Leaving her for the pack would
have been the intelligent thing to do.
I wanted her.
Dog: I know you wanted her about half a
hundred times. Why we still hanging around?
I want her some more.
Well listen my friend I want to get rid of this pain in my side
and I want to get away from here.
The screamers can come back any time, you know.
Oh, what the hell you worrying
about that for. We can handle all that.
That don't mean she can't go with us.
Dog: Go with us? Are you out of your small mind?
Dog: What good is she? It's all we can do to feed our own selves.
You know you're starting to sound like a poodle.
Dog: You're starting to sound like a jackass.
Blood, come on. Hey!