A Boy and His Dog

I'll bet it is. It's something bad. You better watch
your stinking mouth or I'm going to kick you in the butt.
Dog: Definitely a putz.
[low squeaking]
Oomph! [girl giggles]
Dog: Hahaha, That means she can't
go with us. I told she was no good.
Okay, okay.
I just don't like being made to feel guilty.
I'm going to do right by you.
Dog: I would highly recommend that
considering there are several knowledgeable solos
around town who would be delighted to work
with an accomplished female provider like myself.
I also don't like being threatened.
Dog: It's not a threat, that's a fact.
No, that's a good way to get that other leg broke.
Dog: Don't take your petty frustrations out on me
Albert, I locate females I don't guarantee their behavior.
What the hell's that?
Dog: Well how should I know?
Well smell it.
Dog: It's probably some ID she used to get out of the Down Under.
Dog: Oh, now we're in a big hurry.
Dog: Now if you'd listened to me last night instead of...
Dog: Wait a minute...you're not thinking of following that....
Dog: You, you listen to me Albert.
Dog: You, you'll get killed out there.
Dog: Albert. Albert. You come back here.
Dog: You idiot, you can't go down there. You listen to me.
Dog: Because some stinking female
knocked you on the head and bruised your ego,
Dog: there's no reason to become a callous juvenile.
Dog: You stop this instant Albert!.. Vic
Egg sucker.
All right.
Dog: Vic, please don't.
Dog: Please stop a minute, please stop.
Dog: I don't know what to say, there, how to make you understand.
Dog: Your not thinking clearly. You can't go down there...