Barry Lyndon

Captain Quin, he don't signify any more
than my parrot or lapdog.

Are you in the habit of giving...
...intimate articles of your clothing
to your parrot or lapdog?

Mayn't I give a bit of ribbon
to my own cousin?

You're welcome, miss.
As many yards as you like.
When ladies make presents to gentlemen,
it's time for other gentlemen to retire.

I wish you both a good day.
Jack Quin!
What's the matter?
I'll tell you, sir.
I've had enough of Miss Brady
and your Irish ways.

What is it?
We'll accustom you to Irish ways,
or we'll adopt English ones.

It is not the English way
for ladies to have two lovers.

And so, I'll thank you to pay me
the sum you owe me.

And I resign all claims
to this young lady.

If she fancies schoolboys,
let her take 'em, sir.

You're joking!
I never was more earnest.
John, wait.
Meddling brat!
Your hand is in everybody's pie!
What business have you to quarrel
with a gentleman of substance?