Barry Lyndon

...a girl that's flinging herself
at the head of every man in these parts.

And missing them all!
And you, who ought to be attached
to your uncle as to your father...

I am.
And this is the return
you make for his kindness?

Didn't he harbour you
when your father died?

Hasn't he given you and your mother
a fine house, rent free?

Mark this, and come what will of it...
...I will fight the man who pretends
the hand of Nora Brady.

I'll follow him if it's into the church
and fight him there.

I'll have his blood, or he'll have mine.
Faith, and I believe ye!
I never saw a lad more game in me life.
Give me a kiss, me boy.
You're after me own soul.
As long as I live, you shall never want
a friend or a second.

Will you take my message to him?
And arrange a meeting?

Well, if it must be, it must.