Barry Lyndon

Look here, Redmond, me boy,
this is a silly business.

The girl will marry Quin, mark my words.
And as sure as she does,
you'll forget her.

You're but a boy and Quin is willing
to consider you as such.

Right, Quin?
Now, Dublin's a fine place.
If you've a mind to ride there
and see the town for a month...

:21:49's ten guineas at your service.
Will that satisfy you, Captain Quin?
Yes, if Mr. Barry will apologize
and go to Dublin...

...I will consider the whole affair
honourably settled.

Say you're sorry, Redmond.
You can easily say that.
I'm not sorry.
And I'll not apologize.
And I'd as soon go to Dublin as to hell.
Then there's nothing else for it.
God bless you.
This isn't my pistol.
It's all right, it's one of mine.
Yours will serve, if it's needed,
for the next round.