Barry Lyndon

How different Barry's fate
might have been...

...had he not fallen in love
with Nora...

...and had he not flung the wine
in Captain Quin's face.

But he was destined to be a wanderer.
And the battle with Quin set him
on his travels at an early age...

:25:20 you shall soon see.
The boy must go into hiding
for a short time, anyway.

Dublin's the best place for him.
He can stay there
'til matters have blown over.

But the child has never been
away from home before.

Wouldn't he be as safe here?
I wish that were true, Aunt Belle.
But the Bailiffs may be
on their way already.

Now, Dublin is five days ride
away from here.

There's not a soul who'll know him there.
I don't want to harp
on unpleasant matters...

...but you do know what can happen
to him if he's taken.

I'll be all right.
I'll be all right in Dublin, Mother.
No lad with liberty for the first time,
and 20 guineas in his pocket...

:26:53 very sad.
Barry rode towards Dublin
thinking not so much of...

...the kind mother left alone,
and the home behind him...