Barry Lyndon

Captain Feeney, that's all the money
my mother had in the world.

Mightn't I keep it?
I'm just one step ahead
of the Law myself.

I killed an English Officer in a duel, and
I'm going to Dublin until things cool down.

Mr. Barry...
:31:18 my profession
we hear many such stories.

Yours is the most intriguing and touching
I've heard in weeks.

I cannot grant your request.

But, I'll tell you what I will do.
I'll allow you to keep those fine boots,
which normally I would have for myself.

The next town is only five miles away.
And I suggest you now start walking.
Mightn't I keep my horse?
I would like to oblige you...
...but, people like us must be able
to travel faster than our clients.

Good day, young sir.
You can put down your hands now,
Mr. Barry.

Gale's Regiment of Foot, commanded
by Lieutenant General Charles Gale...

...which has distinguished itself
during the recent troubles...

...wants several men to supply
the places of those veterans...

...who have deserved to be pensioned
at one shilling a day.

All clever young fellows
who are free and able...