Barry Lyndon

One occasion...
...brought the welcome appearance
of his second in the fatal duel...

...Captain Grogan.
It would have helped if we'd known
what had become of you.

Didn't you think of writing
to your mother?

Of course.
But the shame I felt of losing
her money...

:39:45 father's sword and pistols...
I couldn't tell her.
She wouldn't care about those things.
You are her only concern.
Tonight you must write her
a proper letter.

Tell her that you're safe and well.
I will.
Is Miss Brady well?
There are only six Miss Bradys now.
Has something happened to Nora?
She took on so about your going away...
...that she had to console herself
with a husband.

She is now Mrs. John Quin.
Mrs. John Quin?
Was there another John Quin?
The same, me boy.
He recovered from his wound.

The shot you hit him with could not
hurt him. It was made of tow.