Barry Lyndon

The Bradys wouldn't let you kill
1,500 a year out of the family.

The plan of the duel was arranged
in order to get you out of the way.

The cowardly Quin couldn't
be brought to marry...

...from fear of you.
But hit him you certainly did, me lad.
With a fine thick plugget of tow.
He was so frightened,
it took him an hour to come to.

Are you in want of cash?
You may draw on me. For I got
a couple of hundred from your uncle.

While that lasts, you shall never want.
It would require a great historian
to explain the causes...

...of the Seven Years' War in Europe...
:42:02 which Barry's regiment
was now on it's way.

Let it suffice to say,
that England and Prussia were allies...

...and at war against...
...France, Sweden, Russia and Austria.
Barry's first taste of battle...
...was only a skirmish against
a rearguard of Frenchmen...

...who occupied an orchard
beside a road...

...down which the English main force
wished to pass.

Though this encounter is not recorded
in any history book...

:42:46 was memorable enough
for those who took part.