Barry Lyndon

I've only a hundred guineas
left to give you...

...for I lost the rest at cards.
Kiss me, me boy,
for we'll never meet again.

It is well to dream of glorious war
in a snug armchair.

It is a different thing
to see it first hand.

After his friend's death, Barry's thoughts
turned from military glory...

:46:05 those of escaping the Service...
:46:07 which he was tied for six years.
Gentlemen talk of the Age of Chivalry...
...but remember the ploughmen,
poachers and pickpockets they lead.

It is with these sad instruments
great warriors and kings...

...have been doing their murderous work
in the world.

Barry could not have fallen
into worse circumstances...

...than those in which he found himself.
But fate did not intend he should
remain long an English soldier.