Barry Lyndon

Oh, God, you're not serious?
I am. There's nothing I can do about it.
Where to this time?
To Bremen, carrying important despatches
to Prince Henry.

But you promised me last time
it would be never again.

I know. And I've kept my part
of the bargain, but...

...Pontersby insists I'm the only one
who can be entrusted with the trip.

Here was the opportunity to escape from
the Army for which he had been searching.

It was only a few miles to the area
occupied by their Prussian allies...

...where this Officer's uniform
and papers...

...should allow him to travel
without suspicion...

...and to stay ahead of the news
of his desertion.

Then, we'll have little time together.
Are you cross with me?
Damn you, I can't stay cross
with you for long.

Oh, Jonathan...
:49:03 times like this I realize
how much I care for you...

...and how empty life would be
without you.

Barry was glad to see the uniforms
of the Prussian Infantry.

They showed him that he was
out of English occupied territory.

His intention was to make for Holland...
...almost the only neutral country
in Europe, in those times...

...and thence to get a passage home,