Barry Lyndon

Of course.
Thank you.
Thank you, Lieutenant,
I hope I haven't inconvenienced you.

Not at all.
Now that we are riding
in the same direction...

...may I offer you a meal and a bed
for the night...

...and a proper map for the journey?
That's kind of you, Captain.
I'd be honoured to accept.

Barry was treated with great civility...
...and was asked questions
about England.

He answered as best he could,
inventing many stories.

He described the King and Ministers...
...boasted that the British Ambassador
in Berlin was his uncle...

...and even offered Potzdorf
a letter of introduction.

His host seemed satisfied
with these stories.

But, he led Barry on with
a skillful combination of questions...

...and flattery.
I know so little of your country
of England...

...except that you are
the bravest nation in the world...

...and that we are fortunate
to have such allies.

Lieutenant Fakenham...
...let us drink to the friendship
of our two great nations.