Bite the Bullet

We've had more than sixty letters to the
editor asking why is a woman in the race.

-Written by men?
-Mostly women.

They figure
you must have a special reason.

Two thousand reasons.
How about you, Mr. Carbo?
Can your horse
stand up against thoroughbreds?

My bronc only has to be
half as good as them hotbloods...

...'cause I'm twice as good
as these oldbloods.

I've never been committed to defeat
quite so tactfully.

This race will be won by a horse.
Not a mouth.

Won by a bronco.
No thoroughbred has the speed,
wind or bottom of a mustang.

Not for 700 miles,
and that includes your Arabian.

$5,000. My horse against the field.
-Even money?
-How about you?

-I'll cover the rest.

There's plenty more, if you're game.
One game at a time, Mr. Parker.
Where is this great horse of his, anyway?
Coming aboard next stop.
-Good to have you with us. Mr. Parker.
-Thank you.

-Where the hell is my horse? Seen her?
-Was she here?

-She's supposed to be.
-Was I supposed to see her?

You can't miss her.
She's got "champion" written all over her.

I see. That explains everything.
I don't read.
Hold your damn horses!
We're running late.
You're not leaving without my horse.