Bite the Bullet

Ride him, cowboy! Ride him!
Whiskey for me, and beer for my horse.
Cowboy always tends to his horse first.
Telegraph Chicago.
You're covered, $15,000 at 7-to-5.
$12,000 in Kansas City, even money.

-Call off all bets.
-Can't be done, baby. It's play or pay.

-Get through to my son.
-On his way. He'll be here before dark.

-Your father left about an hour ago.
-What about Tripoli? He show yet?

-No, sir.
-He's stupid.

$40,000 bet on a missing horse,
in the hands of a fool.

-Two important regulations. Rule One--

Rule One: Each horse
must carry no less than 160 pounds...

...including rider, saddle and extras.
Rule Two: You'll be issued a compass
and a map for every leg of the race.

On it, you'll find the safest route.