Bite the Bullet

You don't have to take it.
You do have to make every checkpoint.
Miss one, you're disqualified.

Out of the race.
Any questions?
Jump-off time: 6:00 in the morning.
Hey, British.
Drink to the winner!
Thank you. I haven't really
won the race yet. However....

Damn fine shooting, sir.
-The best, right?
-If you say so.

What do you say, pop?
Never saw a man yet
could hold his liquor like a bottle.

Hey, you. What's your name,
what do you say?

You're pretty good calling a poker hand.
You care to call this hand?

You going to pass?
Nobody wants to play.
Tex, fetch a jackass.
-Anybody killed?
-Just the quart.

You done right.
A boy looking for a reputation
is the most dangerous thing alive.

It certainly wasn't worth dying for.
What is?
Even if you do it, what's it going to prove?
Proves I can do it. That's what it proves.