Bite the Bullet

...out-luck, out-ride any man
born of woman, don't you?

Except you.
I never said I could out-ride you.

-Do we eat now, or after?
-Just so it's not during.

Class. For a natural-born loser,
you certainly got lots of class.

You just be at that finish line,
with that $16,000.

He expects to win.
You saying this race is fixed?
All I know is, no matter what the game,
cards, craps, racing, boxing, whatever....

If you can bet on it, it can be fixed.
Can be.

And that's all I know.
Well, all I know is I'm winning this race,
so don't crowd me.

-How do you like it, mister?
-Without conversation.

Don't forget my bed. Get all the tables.
Don't forget the booze. Strip the joint!