Bite the Bullet

Checking out.
Crank out a round for me, will you?
After you doctor him up...
...suppose he goes out and wins?
Then, what do you say?

I'd have to say, "You're out $2,000."
Checking out.
You're losing time.
Right. You won't think it unsporting?
Hell, racing for money ain't sport. It's war.
This liniment's going to burn for a week.
Put a little right there.
Careful of my vitals.
-Seems you're not worried about this race.
-Yeah, seems like it.

You know,
missing that train like you did yesterday...

...that's not like your kind of man.
You must have had a good reason.

I must have had.
Well, I don't give a damn about the reason.
I was out of hand.
I just wanted you to know that.

-What's on your mind, Mr. Parker?
-I want you to come back on our team.

You get a bonus and a raise. Deal?