Cooley High

- How you doin', Dorothy?
- Have you seen Tyrone?

I ain't seen him, baby.
Wasn't he in school?

Tyrone wasn't in history and
since y'all missed Mr. Mason's class...

he moved the midterm up
from Friday to Monday.

And you dummies thought
you had a week to study.

That blows our whole weekend.

Man, I gotta go back
and get my history book.

- Get mine too.
- What's wrong with your grades?

Get the book.
You the star. You ain't
got to worry about your grades.

You ain't gotta worry either.
You know you failin'.

Dorothy, the only thing I know...
is that your mama's a whore.
By the way, I'm givin'
a quarter party tonight.

- A belly rub?
- It ain't gonna be no belly rub.

- It's gonna be a nice quarter party.
- I gotta study.

If you see Tyrone,
tell him to come.

All right. Where'd Preach go?
I give you one guess.
Listen, dice, listen.
Four. Shootin' a dime.
Shootin' a dime.
I got him.

- Hey, Martha.
- Hi, Cochise.

Preach, come on.
- Let's go.
- Shootin' a dime.

Martha said she'd kick you outta here
next time she caught you gamblin'.

Got a point there. I'm comin'.
Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure.

You don't win my money and walk.
You either make me or break me.

- Excuse me. What'd you say?
- I wasn't even talkin' to you.

Now, gentlemen, gentlemen.
No need to create havoc and melee.

- How much money you got left?
- Fifty cents.

Fifty cents? Man, it don't take
but a second to win 50 cents.