Dog Day Afternoon

You got guts.
Think if we slit their throats,
we're going to let you out?

I have to see.
I got to check with my partner.
The FBl, Sal.
They're coming in.

You'd like to kill me?
Bet you would.
I wouldn't like to kill you.
I will if I have to.
It's your job, right?
The guy who kills me. . .
. . .I hope he does it because he hates
my guts, not because it's his job.

Nobody give your right name.
It's the FBI.

Just want to make sure all you
young ladies are all right in here.

They asked for the jet hours ago.
What are you doing?

That's being set up. We'll
have you out in a few hours.

-A few hours?
-Why don't you give them what they want?

They'll get it. We want
to be sure we get what we want.

Let's get you all out of here safe.
You two boys too.
That's close enough.
Tell the TV to stop saying
there's 2 homosexuals in here.