Grey Gardens

When I met Mr. Beale;
the jig was up.

Do you remember this ?
- May I see that, please ?
- The villain of the piece.

''To my best friend and
most delightful comrade,

''to my only sweetheart
and wonderful wife;

''I tender this likeness
of her husband.

Phelan Beale; 1 929. ''
-So we did love each other.
- Did I laugh when I read that.

Aren't kids terrible ?
I just roared.

When the people don't speak;
they never get divorced.

- You just can't tell.
- I've been a very happy woman
all my life.

Shall I tell them about Gould?
Gould was Mother's accompanist.
He was a boogie-woogie composer
who had the most terrific style.

He was the most brilliant man
I've ever met.

That's including Mr. Beale
and Mr. Bouvier.

Completely brilliant.
This is cute, Mother.
I like that very much.
Don't you, David ?

You said Michelle Beale
stole this, didn't you, Edie ?

I never did.
She'd never do that.

See how fat I was, Edie ?
Did I look like a good mother ?
Was I a good mother ?
-[ David ] It looks like it.
- What ? Looks like it.

I didn't starve my children,
did I ? What ?

Fed 'em. Fed 'em well.
[ Mrs. Beale ]
They were very nice children.
I enjoyed them tremendously.

I'm crazy about my two sons;
absolutely mad about them.

-[ David ] Who's the little girl?
-[ Edie ] That's me.

[ Mrs. Beale ] Well; the boys were;
were not hard to handle at all.

- They were very easy to handle.
- Oh; my mother never saw my brothers.

I saw them every minute;
every single minute.

- Oh; they never got
any discipline; my brothers.
- They didn't need it.

- They were absolutely perfect.
- They never got any discipline.

This was taken with a tiny
little Kodak Number Two.

That was. Kodak Number Two.
Cost two dollars, that camera.

- Mother, I'm mad
about these pictures of you.
- Oh; no; don't take those.

- We'll just put them right over here.
- Oh; no; I want those out.

- Will you give me those; please ?
- No, you can't have them.

I want them; Edie.
I will never see them again.
Now; I want those pictures.