Hard Times

You remember Mr Chaney here.
- Well, sit down, get comfortable.
- Thank you.

- You care for a drink?
- No, too early for me, thank you.

- All business, huh?
- That's right. Well, let's have it.

You've got a direct way of speaking.
I like a man who's direct.
Makes everything easy to understand.

- Like the old days.
- We didn't come for a history lesson.

- Let's get down to cases.
- Maybe we should do that.

There's $5,000 in that envelope.
It's yours.
- I don't believe I follow the drift.
- I'm buying half of Chaney.

You talk to me, not him.
I used to have the best street fighter
in the city, now I don't.

I don't like that at all.
We can get along without you.
I'm sorry to hear that, Mr Chaney. Hope
you come round to my way of thinking.

Well, look who's here: Speed.
You come to your Mama Louis's
for a really good time.