And now, for all of you fans
of the Philadelphia rock....

-Settle down, David! Brad!
-Oh, come on!

No hot dogs at the beach
unless everybody's in their seats.

Is everybody in their seat?
Is everybody buckled up?

-Who are we?

Franklin Weekend Day Camp!
Sound like a bunch a girls. Who are we?
Franklin Weekend Day Camp!
-That's better. Give me an ''F.''

-Give me an R-A-N.

-Give me a ''K.''

-Give me a L-I-N.

That's the way we spell it,
here's the way we yell it.


All right. Now let's be quiet
till we get down to the beach, okay...

so I can listen to my music.
Simon says peel them off!
Okay, last one that doesn't have them off
doesn't get the cold drinks.

I want you all back here in one hour
for lunch. Don't go too far.

Come on!
Who's last? You're gonna be last.
Let's go!
Come here, there's somebody in the water!