I'm gonna get my raft
and go back out in the water.

Let me see your fingers.
- Alex kintner, they're beginning to prune.
- Just let me go out a little longer.

- Just 10 more minutes.
- Thanks.

All I want to know...
I just want to know one simple thing:
When do I get to become an Islander?

Ellen, never. Never.
Y ou're not born here,
you're not an Islander. That's it.

Don't bother him. Come right back.
I know you got
a lot of problems downtown...

...but I've got a couple of problems
I wish you'd take care of.

One, I've got some cats parking
in front of the house, I can't get...

What I need is a red zone.
It's simple, you could take care of it.

Would you come here a minute, please?