Right in here, please.
Move on in, please.
Why do you insist on playing the heavy?
I have a point of view and it speaks
for many of the people here.

Not only me, because I have the motel.
How do you feel about it?

Let's have some order.
Let's have some order, please.
Any special questions?
Is that $3,000 bounty on the shark
in cash or check?

I don't think that's funny.
I don't think that's funny at all.

All right, all right.
That's private business between
you fishermen and Mrs. Kintner.

Martin, would you please...
Chief Brody.
I just want to tell you
what we're planning so far.

What about the beaches, Chief?
We're gonna put on the extra
summer deputies as soon as possible.

And then we're gonna try
and use shark spotters on the beach.

Are you going to close the beaches?
Yes, we are.
We're also bringing in some experts
from the Oceanographic Institute.

Only 24 hours.
I didn't agree to that.
Only 24 hours.
24 hours is like three weeks.