Yeah, you walk straight ahead.
They're all gonna die.
Listen to me.
We've got some road block signs outside.

Y ou've got to get somebody to help us.
Yeah, get those road block signs
out on the highway.

Because we've got more people
down here than we can handle.

What are you doing?
These are your people. Go talk to them.

They aren't mine. They're from all over.
Y ou see the plates in the parking lot?
Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey...

I'm all by myself out there.
What happened to the extra help?

That's not until the Fourth of July.
Y ou know those guys
in that fan-tail launch out there?

None of them will get
out of the harbor alive.

That's what I'm saying. Y ou know
their names. Talk to those clowns.

- Everyone seems to be having a good time.
- Tell me about it. I'll get back to you.

Could you tell me
how I could find Chief Brody?

Who are you?
Matt Hooper.
I'm from the Oceanographic Institute.

For Christ sakes. Y ou're the guy we called.
I'm Brody.

- I'm glad to meet you.
- Me, too.

I know you got a lot
on your hands right now, but...

The best thing for me to do is
to see the remains of the first victim.

The girl on the beach.
- Just bear with me, will ya?
- Sure.

Wait'll we get them silly bastards
down in that rock pile.

There'll be some fun.
They'll wish their fathers
had never met their mothers...

...when they start diggir the bottoms out
and slammir into them rocks.

Get away from there, you goddamn fool!
What's the matter with you?
Y ou want to swamp us,
you crazy son of a bitch?

What are these guys doir out here?
- What are they doir back there?
- They're chummir right now.

- What is that?
- They're tracking the shark now.

$3,000 divided four ways is what?
Let's show Mr. Hooper our accident.
Victim identified as Christine Watkins,
female Caucasian.

- And here's the way we have it.
- Probable boating accident.